Aquabot Turbo T Robotic Pool Cleaner

Aquabot Turbo T
Limited availability - closeout special
Manufacturer: Aqua Products
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Pool cleaning to a T - Floor to waterline and everywhere in between in any pool type or shape up to 50 feet in length in as little as 2 hours cleaning time.

The Turbo T is the fastest cleaning, most technically advanced robotic pool cleaner in its class. Now, with the press of a button, this dirt eating dynamo quadruple cleans your pool spotlessly in half the time of other robotic cleaners. Turbo T runs on its own low voltage power center, so it is entirely safe to use. Its self-contained onboard filtration system not only cleans your pool but filters your pool water at the same time. There are no bulky hoses to install and the Turbo T catches all its debris in its own filter bag so it will not clog up your pool’s pump and filter.An internal microprocessor guides Turbo T around your pool to systematically clean it from waterline to deep end. It will clean any pool up to 50’ in length in 3 hours or less. When the cleaning cycle is completed the unit automatically shuts itself off. Turbo T’s rotating brushes loosen up waterline debris while its patented power washing jets blast away dirt and debris that slower cleaners miss.

The new roller style eliminates main drain sticking! Dirt and debris are sucked up through the suction ports and deposited in the unit’s big 23Q filtration bag. This reusable bag catches everything from small rocks to large leafs, coin, hair, fine dirt and debris, microorganisms and even algae. Turbo T’s filtration system catches smaller debris than most pool filter systems.

The unit comes complete with head, 61’ of cord and transformer.