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Effective for control of green & mustard algae


Leaves no residue

Black Algaetrine

Black Algaetrine removes black algae from swimming pool water.

Dissolve by Applied Biochemists - Gallon

Dissolve digests scum with natural enzyme action.

Gold-N-Clear by Applied Biochemists

The super-concentrated formula of Gold-N-Clear™ clarifier uses color-changing technology to show that it’s working. Watch the product change from gold to blue as it removes microparticles, leaving the water sparkling clear.

Pooltrine 60 Qt

Pooltrine 60 Algaecide to remove algae from swimming pool water.

Prevent Plus by Applied Biochemists

As a regular part of your maintenance program, Prevent Plus™ clarifier will reduce pool water, filter and surface maintenance and allow swimming immediately after treatment.

Silvertrine Algaecide Qt

Eliminates tough black & mustard algae. Odorless and non-foaming

Staintrine by Applied Biochemists

Quickly removes most stains and prevents scale build up on filters, pumps and plumbing.

Swimtrine 7.4 Algaecide Qt

Swimtrine 7.4 Algaecide to remove algae from swimming pool water.

Swimtrine Plus Algaecide Qt

Swimtrine Plus Algaecide is the economical solution to remove algae from swimming pool water.

Thio-Trine Chlorine Neutralizer

Thio-Trine prevents pool downtime due to excessive chlorine or bromine levels by reducing the sanitizer to a safer, more comfortable level.