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Ultima NIX® Algaecide & Phosphate Remover

Combination algaecide and phosphate remover

Ultima® Total Control Shock & Algaecide

Leaves your pool crystal clear and algae-free in one easy step.

Algae X Algaecide

Algae X Algaecide removes algae in swimming pool water


Effective for control of green & mustard algae

Black Algaetrine

Black Algaetrine removes black algae from swimming pool water.

Eliminator by Blue Wave

Eliminator is a powerful, concentrated vinyl liner algaecide.

Eradicator 60 Algaecide by Blue Wave

Eradicator 60 will not stain surfaces or leave behind any residue.

Green Treat Algaecide

Green Treat kills green algae in swimming pool water.

Halt 50 by Blue Wave

Halt 50 is algae's worst enemy!

No Mor Problems 32 Oz.

No Mor Problems - The pool man in a bottle!

Pooltrine 60 Qt

Pooltrine 60 Algaecide to remove algae from swimming pool water.

Silvertrine Algaecide Qt

Eliminates tough black & mustard algae. Odorless and non-foaming

Spring Treat

Closeout Price!
Spring Treat Algaecide for use when opening swimming pool in the Spring
$13.99 $7.99

Swimtrine 7.4 Algaecide Qt

Swimtrine 7.4 Algaecide to remove algae from swimming pool water.

Swimtrine Plus Algaecide Qt

Swimtrine Plus Algaecide is the economical solution to remove algae from swimming pool water.

Wintertrine Algaecide 1/2 Gallon

Wintertrine- the complete winterizing kit in one bottle.