Air Pillows

Use air pillows under your pool cover to prevent ice damage.
Manufacturers: Swimline , HPI , Hydrotools
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Swimming Pool Air Pillows

Air Pillows are for use with winter pool covers for all type swimming pools. Air pillows act as an ice compensator, preventing ice damage to your pools liner. Additionally, Air Pillows will help prevent rain water, snow and debris from sinking your winter cover.

Air Pillows are easy to use. Simply place the pillow between the water surface and cover.

Air Pillows have a large valve for inflating. You can use any household air pump to inflate. Be careful not to over inflate the pillow, as cold air expands. You don't want the pillow to pop under pressure. It’s important to always have an extra air pillow on hand in case one becomes damaged over the winter. When ordering, calculate the number of Air Pillows you will need to adequately support your pools cover, then order one extra to have on hand.

Our air pillows are made of durable vinyl, with air tight valves and tethering points on the corners. They can be deflated to reuse over and over. Available in 4'x4', 4'X8' and 4'x15' feet. 

Picture of 4'x4' Air Pillow
4'x4' Air Pillow
SKU: NW150
Picture of 4'x8' Air Pillow
4'x8' Air Pillow
SKU: NW151
Picture of 4'x15' Air Pillow
4'x15' Air Pillow
SKU: NW152