Above Ground Pool Pumps


Ultra Promega Plus - Deluxe Model with Automatic Timer

Ultra Promega - Powerful and efficient



Power-Flo LX

Power-Flo Matrix

Power-Flo II


3/4 Hp. to 1.5 Hp. pumps with vertcal or horzintal discharges and code compliant twist lock cords

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Ultra Promega Plus Pool Pumps

Deluxe Pump Model with Automatic Electronic Timer
From $330.99

Ultra Promega Pool Pumps

Powerful and efficient above ground pool pump.
From $292.99

Power-Flo & Power-Flo LX

The industry standard for value and performance!
From $273.99

Hayward Power-Flo Matrix

Converts from horizontal to vertical discharge orientation at the press of a button!
From $19.99

Hayward Power-Flo II Self Priming Pool Pumps

Power-Flo II Pump is ideal for small bodies of water such as above ground pools.
From $15.99

Reliant - Affordable Pool Pumps

Excellent quality, reliability and performance! The most versatile pump ever, perfect for multiple applications.
From $191.99