5-in-1 3" Chlorine Tablets

Get the one tab that does the work of 5 different frequently-used chemicals
SKU: NC150
Manufacturer: Blue Wave
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5-in-1  3" Chlorine Tablets

These 5-in-1 Tablets make pool maintenance easy and reduce the amount of pool chemicals needed to keep your swimming pool crystal clear.  Each individually-wrapped sanitizer tab also contains a clarifier, a stain inhibitor, an algae preventer and a descaler.  Slow-dissolving and UV-protected for extended chlorine life.  Can be used with floating chlorinators or automatic feeders.  Contains 84.65% available pool chlorine, 94% active ingredient (trichlor).


  • SANITIZER: Chlorine to keep your pool bacteria-free
  • CLARIFIER: Clear up cloudy water
  • STAIN INHIBITOR: Removes minerals that can cause stains
  • DE-SCALER: Remove deposits and film from pool surface
  • ALGAECIDE: Provides a regular, slow-release dosage best for prevention of algae growth.
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